branding or belief system?

BIG has a unique ability to tap into the essence of the brand, define its value proposition, identify the target
audiences with whom the brand promise will resonate and develop insights that inform the strategic and creative
framework of a campaign.

BIG creates experiential marketing campaigns across all communication platforms – traditional, online and mobile – 

that authentically engage audiences through storytelling and interactive dialog; enroll consumers through a meaningful call to action; and ultimately cultivate brand users into life-long advocates. Ensuring this level of engagement and ambassadorship, the brand becomes more than a product or service, it becomes a belief system to which consumers can connect.

BIG doesn’t just build brands. BIG builds brand cultures – the kind that influence behavior and cause
indelible shifts to occur.

size matters at BIG.

Not size in terms of mass, but in terms of impact. Impact that places as much value on purpose as it does on profits.
Our yardstick for success is double-edged. On one hand it measures quantifiable results: sales, market share, click-
through rates, conversion ratios, consumer preferences and the like. At the same time, we measure how our efforts
contribute to the health and well being of people and the planet. Do-gooders? Perhaps. Can we sleep at night? Absolutely.

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