AFM Safecoat

Unlike a lot of its latter-day competitors, AFM Safecoat was founded more than 30 years ago with the single mission of creating non-toxic building products. By 2008, AFM had amassed a range of more than 45 products, and a graphic identity across packaging, sales materials, Web and advertising that was equally diverse. BIG’s approach for AFM drew on key insights: first, the overwhelming majority of purchasers of AFM products are women; second, many of AFM products out-perform toxic materials. BIG created a uniform graphic identity and product design system; leveraging consumer and product insights, the integrated marketing campaign reaches consumer and trade audiences wherever they are. Initiatives include PR outreach and print placements in high-end shelter magazines, partnerships with parenting organizations and direct-to-consumer sampling opportunities, effectively expanding AFM for the first time to a core constituency on a scale of hundreds of thousands of impressions.

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