LA County Education Foundation

When BIG began its assignment, we discovered that the LACEF identity was fractured in as many pieces as platforms on which it was presented. Descriptions of LACEF’s mission and purpose differed as presented on the L.A. County Office of Education Web site; the Blue Sky Meadow Web site, dedicated to one of LACEF’s signature programs; the L.A. County Outdoor Science School; the LACEF Web site itself, which was called; not to mention materials which were directed to current and potential donors.

BIG employed our proprietary Brandstorm process to thoroughly explore the current positioning of LACEF, the brand’s perception among partners and community organizations as well as its aspirational direction. Through extensive meetings with LACEF executive staff and the Board of Directors, BIG quickly assessed the key, defining characteristics that create the LACEF brand DNA. We also determined that the key features given priority by the Board and executive leadership were absent from LACEF’s existing platforms.

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