Valley Presbyterian Hospital


BIG’s task for Valley Presbyterian Hospital has been nothing less than to remake the hospital’s public image, from the ground up. Serving its community since 1958, VPH provides critical health care services to the local population. We set to work immediately on creating fresh and vital identities for their key service lines, while at the same time creating an all-new, uniform brand identity for the hospital itself. As the #1 birthplace in the Valley, VPH obviously places a huge importance on its maternity services. We worked directly with community clinic staff and young mothers themselves to derive an authentic set of key images and associations that connote motherhood and maternity among the Hispanic community. With this inspiration we created a bilingual program – Little Treasures, or Pequeños Tesoros – that allows the hospital to have an emotional, visible footprint throughout the community, which will be expressed in out of home, mobile, event and many other platforms tailored to the specific audience. For another key service, the Valley Hip and Knee Institute, we created a campaign that visually and emotionally connects with the 45-plus age which comprises the majority of the Institute’s patients, showing active pursuits such as tennis, golf, surfing. The marketing and advertising program has resulted in positive return on investment in each quarter since it began. One of the marquee services offered by VPH is the Amputation Prevention Center, which provides critical care that can prevent diabetic amputation of a limb in patients. We developed a campaign that serves a public-information purpose while putting a positive spin on a potentially grim diagnosis. The program includes English and Spanish advertising, resulting in a steady increase of patients vs. last year. All these services are woven into a fresh, strong identity for the hospital overall, reflected in collateral materials, ads and in the hospital environment itself.

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