Doctors Medical Center


Charged with the task of bringing Doctors Medical Center out of a multi-year advertising hiatus, BIG developed a three pronged approach to reinvigorate the DMC brand:

• Restore DMC pride among hospital stakeholders including: patients, medical staff, board, employees, and volunteers.

• Reinforce DMC’s reputation among the general public and referring physicians as a hospital committed to clinical excellence, quality patient care and community wellbeing.

• Grow key service lines: Cardiac, Neuroscience/Primary Stroke Center, General Surgery, Trauma, NICU, Orthopedics.

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Los Alamitos Medical Center


Los Alamitos Medical Center was in need of revamping the marketing and communications of its comprehensive cancer program – from the name of the program and the brand identity, to how it’s positioned in the very competitive Southern California marketplace.
Surrounded by major cancer institutes with deeper pockets and shiny new facilities, the Los Alamitos program offered comparable services, however, in a community hospital setting.

To overcome the “bigger is better” perception, BIG used compelling images of people undergoing treatment, with the bold tag line “Fight Cancer Here.” In fact, we were able to secure the URL, which became both the tag line and call- to-action for the campaign.

The direct response campaign, which comprised outdoor, radio, print, SEM, digital display ads and Facebook sponsored posts, continues to drive prospective patients to

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Socal Robotics


Tenet Healthcare’s Southern California hospitals – Los Alamitos, Fountain Valley and Lakewood – were late in adopting robotic surgery technology. Hoping to make up for lost time, they turned to BIG in 2013 to help them quickly build brand awareness as well patient volume.

Rather than launch individual campaigns for each of the hospitals, BIG created and marketed an umbrella brand, SoCal Robotics, which enabled the hospitals to aggregate their resources, employ greater media muscle and simplify the user experience for prospective patients.

The direct response campaign drove prospective patients to the website and to an 800# at the Tenet call center. The leads were monitored in real time and triaged to the most geographically suitable hospital.

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Valley Presbyterian Hospital


BIG’s task for Valley Presbyterian Hospital has been nothing less than to remake the hospital’s public image, from the ground up. Serving its community since 1958, VPH provides critical health care services to the local population. We set to work immediately on creating fresh and vital identities for their key service lines, while at the same time creating an all-new, uniform brand identity for the hospital itself. As the #1 birthplace in the Valley, VPH obviously places a huge importance on its maternity services. We worked directly with community clinic staff and young mothers themselves to derive an authentic set of key images and associations that connote motherhood and maternity among the Hispanic community. With this inspiration we created a bilingual program – Little Treasures, or Pequeños Tesoros – that allows the hospital to have an emotional, visible footprint throughout the community, which will be expressed in out of home, mobile, event and many other platforms tailored to the specific audience. For another key service, the Valley Hip and Knee Institute, we created a campaign that visually and emotionally connects with the 45-plus age which comprises the majority of the Institute’s patients, showing active pursuits such as tennis, golf, surfing. The marketing and advertising program has resulted in positive return on investment in each quarter since it began. One of the marquee services offered by VPH is the Amputation Prevention Center, which provides critical care that can prevent diabetic amputation of a limb in patients. We developed a campaign that serves a public-information purpose while putting a positive spin on a potentially grim diagnosis. The program includes English and Spanish advertising, resulting in a steady increase of patients vs. last year. All these services are woven into a fresh, strong identity for the hospital overall, reflected in collateral materials, ads and in the hospital environment itself.

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One of the annual highlights at BIG is the opportunity to create new campaigns for SAGindie, an affiliated organization to SAG-AFTRA.  SAGindie is tireless in their quest to help independent film writers/directors/producers (pick one or all of the above) to make professional-level projects outside the large studio system. Like their main clientele, SAGindie is witty, fun and iconoclastic, while still providing the tools and guidelines needed to make projects come to life. The campaign for 2013 included a brand redesign, starting with an in-depth exploration of SAGindie’s image, goals and aspirations.  The result: a fresh, new logo design and color scheme, as well as an attention-grabbing creative campaign that speaks to the audience’s needs (and headaches) and quickly communicates the number-one point: to be professional, act professional. 

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Rainbow Light


As a nutritional supplement pioneer with 30 years of category leadership, Rainbow Light’s dominance was under threat by newer, conglomerate-owned competitors with greater distribution and marketing firepower. To retain its edge, the brand was in need of a positioning overhaul that authentically captured both its value proposition and point of difference in the marketplace. While Rainbow Light offers a wide spectrum of products that address diverse nutritional needs across all life stages, it was evident that the brand’s biggest advocate – and key healthcare decision maker within the family unit, is women. By positioning the brand as the woman’s ally, BIG was able to leverage 3 decades of female ambassadorship as well as empower a new generation of women to embrace the brand through print and digital advertising, shelf-to-consumer promotions and pay-it-forward initiatives that elevate Rainbow Light’s charitable contributions.

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Partnering with select colleges, Blueprint (also called Blueprint Admissions) provides pre-college summer programs dedicated to introducing high school students to college-level coursework in exciting subjects, to the college admissions process and to a fun, supportive group living experience that fosters personal growth and development. BIG’s scope of work included both brand identity and messaging development. First and foremost, we eliminated the use of legacy identities (Blueprint Admissions) and introduced a singular name for the program: Blueprint Summer Programs.

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LA County Education Foundation

When BIG began its assignment, we discovered that the LACEF identity was fractured in as many pieces as platforms on which it was presented. Descriptions of LACEF’s mission and purpose differed as presented on the L.A. County Office of Education Web site; the Blue Sky Meadow Web site, dedicated to one of LACEF’s signature programs; the L.A. County Outdoor Science School; the LACEF Web site itself, which was called; not to mention materials which were directed to current and potential donors.

BIG employed our proprietary Brandstorm process to thoroughly explore the current positioning of LACEF, the brand’s perception among partners and community organizations as well as its aspirational direction. Through extensive meetings with LACEF executive staff and the Board of Directors, BIG quickly assessed the key, defining characteristics that create the LACEF brand DNA. We also determined that the key features given priority by the Board and executive leadership were absent from LACEF’s existing platforms.

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Gardein’s new consumer campaign encourages Angelenos to Cheat

BIG launched an integrated marketing campaign throughout the greater Los Angeles area for the vegan consumer packaged foods brand Gardein, inviting people to reduce meat consumption, or rather “Cheat on Meat.” BIG plastered the “Cheat on Meat” message on the airways, out of home, in print, online and on the ground, directing consumers to a dedicated “cheat on meat” website at which visitors could download coupons, register for the “cheat and win” contest, submit meatless recipes and share personal “cheater” stories. Branded food carts and trucks designed to sample and sell hot and tasty Gardein favorites, patrolled LA’s most fashionable streets and set up shop outside of high volume Whole Foods Markets.

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OPCC is a non-profit human services organization in which staff, volunteers and clients work together to address the effects of poverty, abuse, neglect and discrimination. BIG provides OPCC with full-spectrum communications services that support engagement with community and civic leaders around issues of homelessness, bolster development and successfully manage relationships with the public and the press. BIG created a brand identity for OPCC, including a Web site and collateral materials specifically directed at raising awareness and donations. Innovative fund-raising strategies also include creating a commemorative book; a social media campaign challenging participants to eat a home-made lunch and donate money normally spent on eating out; and a short-form video testimonial of OPCC success stories. Through BIG’s public relations efforts, events and donor outreach strategies, OPCC met its most recent $20MM capital campaign goal.

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