Marina Muhlfriedel

Senior Copywriter and Producer

As copywriter and producer, Marina crafts ads and assets for all of BIG’s clients and facilitates a range of photographic and video shoots.

An L.A. native who has written and produced in an oddly diverse range of mediums, Marina’s career was launched by simultaneously serving as the Entertainment Editor of ‘TEEN Magazine’, and as a songwriter and keyboardist in the early female punk/pop band, Backstage Pass. Soon after, her next band, Vivabeat was signed by Peter Gabriel to a recording contract and she spent several years touring and recording. Veering into the film industry, Muhlfriedel worked for Danny DeVito, as a producer on projects such as The War of the Roses and Throw Momma From the Train, before producing several movies for Showtime.

After concluding a four-year stint as VP of Development at the now-defunct Santa Monica Studios, she wrote and doctored numerous screenplays and worked as a freelance editor and copywriter for BIG and several other agencies while publishing magazine, newspaper, and online articles. She joined BIG on a fulltime basis in Spring 2013.

Marina attended the University of London and then completed her degree in journalism from USC. She has taught creative writing and screenwriting in the US and the UK and recently completed her debut novel, The Wooden Notebook. She is a member of the Writers Guild of America and of Jill Robinson Schary’s Wimpole Street Writers group. She is an avid hiker and electric car advocate and is attempting to write her next book on a vintage Smith Corona.

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